Best Private Tours in Portugal, Workshops, Natural Therapy and Fun Activities in Lisbon.

At Portugal Tours – transforming your travel in Portugal into an Adventurous Therapy.

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At Portugal Tours in Lisbon – transforming your travel into an adventurous therapy!

We are a team of travel animators that want to guide you to engage, experience and feel new emotions and vibrations during your travel in Portugal. With us you pursue the self-exploration journey. With us you choose to be happy!

We are here to help you to escape your daily stressful routine, to restore your mental, emotional and physical balance.

If you feel you are too busy to enjoy your life, or your job is taking over; maybe you are dissatisfied with your current situation and looking for an escape to think things through and recharge your energy; or maybe you simply miss traveling, meeting people and exploring a new country, with its unique culture and traditions – then it is time for a change. It is time to break out of the vicious circle of your daily life, to push your personal limits and challenge yourself to a completely new experience. It is time for a new journey and a fresh re-start!

We are here to help you make it happen!

Just pick the SERVICE that´s BEST for YOU:

If you like to travel, meet locals and explore new places, you can enjoy interesting and enriching tours in Portugal and some special offers on our guided tours in Lisbon and its surroundings. Some include: Lisbon Motorcycle Tour; walking tours in down-town Lisbon and Belem; day trips to Sintra and Cape Roca, Fatima, Arrabida, Evora, Mafra, Lisbon and many other unique places in Portugal.

It is with our greatest pleasure and passion that we provide guidance and diverse services for our travelers, including individual and group tours, meeting at the airport, transfer to/from your hotel, business events and any possible help with organizing your trip. We are here for you!

We can also combine some therapy travel tour packages in Lisbon for you that include accommodation, food, transportation and different activities to meet your interests and needs. You can check our unique energetic retreat – 7 day adventurous journey through Power Places in Portugal – especially strong energetic sites. It is 7 incredible days of exciting and healing experience combined with adventurous travel, personal growth and sightseeing in Portugal! Our tour packages will motivate you to escape from your daily worries and stress, and allow you to feel yourself, like a happy and relaxed Portuguese local, while absorbing all the charm of a friendly and sunny Portugal. Just simply relax and let us take care of you!

Portugal offers a great opportunity for travelers who seek to combine their trip to Lisbon with health care practices and natural therapies. This sunny warm country has everything it takes for you to be able to fully relax on the best beach around Lisbon, enjoy its natural beauty and healing powers, reduce stress, enhance your body’s immune system and boost your physical, mental and emotional well being without recourse to conventional drugs or medication.

We have selected some holistic non-invasive natural therapies for you that include thalassotherapy, beach reiki, beach massage, biomagnetism, beach yoga, horse retreat, animal assisted therapy, crystal therapy and many others. Just choose what natural therapy suits you the best and always treat yourself with love!

We have prepared a wide variety of fun activities in Lisbon that will allow you to experience fresh emotions, and learn new skills, to face and overcome some of your fears, and achieve new victories.

We challenge you to try surfing, tandem jump, scuba-diving, airplane piloting, kite-surfing, dolphin observation, golf, Latin dance, hiking, climbing, seg-way, cooking traditional Portuguese food, tasting new cuisine, Lisbon beach horse riding, fishing in the ocean, collecting sea shells and cooking on the ocean shore, Portuguese wine tasting, painting traditional Portuguese tiles “azuleijos”, swimming in thermal waters, relaxing in a SPA, enjoying yoga on the beach, reiki, beach massages and many other exciting and enriching activities.

For those who are interested in personal growth and search for inner balance, we organize diverse professional training, learning camps and workshops in Portugal, such as: palm weaving workshop, cork workshop, clay pottery workshop, traditional handmade carpets workshop, traditional Portuguese tile making workshop, Surf Camp, Golf Camp, Dance Camp, Yoga retreats, Psychedelic balance, Personal Branding, Secrets of Feminine Sexuality, Portuguese Cuisine, Self-Empowerment, Horse Retreat and many others. This training is conducted by professionals who will help you build your confidence and learn new skills. Most importantly, you will discover your strong inner desire to re-evaluate your goals and possibilities, and prepare for its active implementation.

All the activities and programs proposed here were designed from our personal practice. And we arehoneymoon in Portugal happy to share with you this great experience, exciting emotions and therapeutic benefits on your physical, emotional and mental growth!

Feel free to contact us and we will help you to choose and prepare an unforgettable and life-refreshing trip to Portugal – this sunny and warm country welcomes you with its rich history, culture and traditions, with the most beautiful beaches, wide variety of great aquatic activities, fresh meat and sea-food, great wine and cuisine, friendly locals and extremely beautiful nature! Come and try it for yourself! And we will be very happy to help you make the best out of your journey!

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