Traditional Handmade Carpets Workshop in Portugal

Traditional Handmade Carpets Workshop in Portugal

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One of the small villages in Central Portugal starting in the 16th century has been Handmade Carpets in Portugal Travel Therapy Toursmaking rugs and carpets using some old techniques and patterns. There are still some masters of this form of ancient Portuguese art that gets less and less recognition among the younger generations and followers. All the wool carpets and rugs are woven hand and demonstrate some elements of Persian culture. Those rugs, as an elaborate cultural expression, a reflection of power and abundance were an important element of social, political and religious life” as local people explain. Our guests are invited to see those masters working as well as visit some of the related cultural museums and spaces. Learn about the history carpet making and the special technique.

The village itself is full of fascinating historical sites. Visitors can take a tour around it and drop by one Handmade Carpets Portuguese Tradition Travel Terapy Toursof the traditional restaurants with authentic regional cuisine. It is important to see the general setting and learn some historical facts to fully comprehend the uniqueness of carpet making industry in Portugal. By paying a visit to this wonderful place you get a chance to participate in traditional handmade carpets workshop in Portugal, observe a real local culture, life setting, traditional community and acquire specific knowledge about something really authentic and cultural that would not be easy to encounter otherwise (and possibly become an owner of one of the most unique carpets).

Price: 90€. Price includes:

– workshop of carpet-making;
– transport to the local village (1 hour drive from Lisbon);
– local traditional lunch;
– private tour to the local village.