Horse Retreat in Portugal

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    Horse Retreat in Portugal: Spiritual Connection
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    Horse Retreat in Portugal: Best Mates Forever!
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    Horse Retreat in Portugal: enjoy awesome natural beauty!
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    Horse Retreat in Portugal: Moment of Connection!
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    Horse Retreat in Portugal: the Best Friendship is born!
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    Horse Retreat in Portugal: Way of the Horse
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    Horse Retreat in Portugal: Get Lost in the Nature!
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    Horse Retreat in Portugal: Feeding horses – rewarding feeling!
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    Horse Retreat in Portugal: Explore the Spirit of Horses in their natural habitat!
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    Horse Retreat in Portugal: Expressing Love!
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    Horse Retreat in Portugal: Horse Whisperer!
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    Horse Retreat in Portugal: Horse Protector
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    Horse Retreat in Portugal: Relax in the Nature
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    Horse Retreat in Portugal: Feeding!
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    Horse Retreat in Portugal: Pure Nature all around!
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    Horse Retreat in Portugal: beautiful nature around Lisbon!

Way of the Horse: Spiritual Horse Retreat in Portugal



Horse Retreat in Portugal

Since at least 15.000 years ago we feel a fascination for horses, as we can clearly infer from the cave art of the Paleolithic caves. This fascination is only intensified by the fact that we have begun to ride them 8.000 years ago in the lands that we call now Ukraine. We know today that in its heyday, the horse was more than a working animal, a tool, an object of status and virile power.

With the Horse retreat in Portugal we intend to recover this lost symbiosis, working in partnership and harmony with the horse, reaffirming an ancestral connection with this teacher, healer and spiritual guide.

We will work (re)connection, healing and unity. The horse will help us to become aware of our personal power, enhance and cultivate the growth of self-esteem and the ability to assert, as well as being in the present moment, here and now, to work with our intuition, and to seek inner peace, to understand (or control) our emotions.




  • The horse and humanity: millennial relationship;Horse Retreat in Portugal
  • Art therapy and alternative equestrian riding;
  • Connecting to the horses in conditions of almost natural life;
  • Establishing of a healthy relationship, with love, trust and respect;
  • Morphogenetic fields;
  • Wu Wei: “no-action” as a paradigm of action;
  • Experience physical, emotional and spiritual connection to be horse;
  • Feel its powerful energy in their primary essence;
  • Regain your Inner Power;
  • Blind walk;
  • Healing by horses: ancient healers;
  • Horse as a guide in shamanic journeys;
  • Soul retrieval;
  • Lucid dream.



  • All persons who wish to feel the (re)connection to the Net of Being, working with the horse as the main catalyst of the process;
  • Those who want to work healing processes within through ancient, shamanic practices present in various cultures around the world, always in communion with the horse;
  • Those who wish to reaffirm their resolve, posture and personal statement, keeping in mind a symbiotic, emphatic and decisive action, as opposed to authoritarian, aggressive and dominant;
  • All those who always believed there was something more behind the eyes of a horse.


DURATION:  2 days

LOCATION: Alentejo, Portugal

VACANCIES: 6 people


PRICE: 160€. Those willing to sleep in shared room on the property plus three meals and breakfast can do so at an additional cost of 60€.

What to Bring:

  • Blanket to sit or lie on the field;
  • Closed footwear like hiking shoes;
  • Comfortable clothing;
  • Notebook or journal to take notes;
  • Plenty of water.


FACILITATORS of the Horse Retreat in Portugal:


I’m French. I was born in 1969 and received a bourgeois Catholic education. I have a degree in mechanical ENGINEER and started working as a consultant in organization and management of multinational companies.

Horses have been my passion since very little and I learned to ride at age 8. After 20 years in equestrian clubs, I wanted to learn how to train the horses, not just riding them. So I looked for a teacher who taught me the techniques of the eighth century.

In 2001, I decided to stop working in the world of big capitalism to devote myself to the horse business, because that’s what always made me happy in this life. I soon made a formation of body psychotherapies for 3 years and have found my spiritual path with shamanism.

Combining these three areas, I developed a new method of teaching and build the project to create a center of teaching and Equestrian Art therapy. I feel that is what gives meaning to my life, and that through this project, I can help the horses, people and the planet.

Epona is a name that I have chosen because they do not identify with the name that my parents gave me, nor with the education they have received. Epona was a Celtic goddess who protected the horses before JC and the beginning of our millennium.


As for me, I AM!

I was born in the year of the Dragon, and its energetic imprint accompanied me since then on various spiritual and martial practices that always helped me to find the center of me and reconnect me with the whole, marking the line of work of this life.

Started Occult studies in the early 90s, feeling the appeal of what lies beyond the Veil. A book by Donald Tyson was the major catalyst to bridge the gap between previously lived experiences since childhood and all the work would start from there.

Studied classics like Papus, Kardec, Blavatsky, Crowley, among others and began my journey in Gardnerian Wicca and the study and practice of Ceremonial Magic, which later came to follow the line of Peter J. Carrol’s χάος to the present. This same line came to awaken the potential of personal power that would put me in contact with Shamanism, the atavistic common root to all magical and religious practices for which I felt the calling.

Contact with Shamanism is later reactivated and remembered in a ceremony Autumn Equinox, where I was advised to explore this path.

Since then plunged into the shamanic path, I started my training with Gilberto de Lascariz, and continued my studies with Antonio Paiva and Caitlin Matthews, feeling particularly re-connection Eurasian shamanic practices, dedicating myself to the continued study of Celtic traditions, Scandinavian and Siberian.

I am also a Reiki Master and facilitator of the Heart of Lyz Therapy

I walk the path of inner knowledge and what surrounds me since my teenage years, I consider myself fortunate to have contact with a whole supra-sensible world through different approaches and learning. I am a Pagan and initiated into the ancient mysteries to which our ancestors were not strangers. I have, above all, the awareness of an animistic World and Universe. I consider myself a shaman of modern times, using new tools to be able to go further in my quest. Writing, music and art are my sigillae, the Universe my numen.