Lisbon Tour: Earthquake – Rising from the Ashes

Lisbon, Alfama

Lisbon Tour: Earthquake – Rising from the Ashes


Lisbon Walking Tour / Earthquake Disaster / History of Lisbon / Historic Multimedia Center / Video about Earthquake / Local snacks / Portuguese Wine Tasting / Fado Music

Our Lisbon tour “Earthquake – Rising from the Ashes” takes you deep into the the long gone world of Portugal’s proud history as one ofLisbon Tour: Earthquake - Rising from the Ashes the Western world’s leading overseas Empires. Explore the Lisbon preceding the apocalyptic earthquake of 1755 and discover the gripping untold story of ancient Lisbon like you have never seen it before. Together we will explore the oldest quarter of Lisbon – once the heart of Portugal’s faded global Empire – that survived the disaster. Join us on a unique tour that will let you follow in the footsteps of Lisbon’s resurgence made possible by Portugal’s great 18th century visionary the Marques de Pombal who shaped the face of modern Lisbon as you see it today. Let the wonders of the Portuguese capital’s past and present sink in at a traditional Portuguese bar where we invite you to taste some local Portuguese wine and snacks that Lisbonians have cherished for centuries, while enjoying city’s famous Fado music.

Walking-tour-in-Lisbon-Statue-of-King-Jose1Remember that until the end of the 18th century Portugal was one of Europe’s richest and most prosperous trading nations, with extended income from the country’s various overseas colonies in Latin America and Asia. Portugal had possessions in Brazil, India and the African continent. This was the time that Lisbon, the Empire’s capital, was decorated with magnificent palaces, churches and temples. Magnificent banks, commercial offices and rows of busy warehouses rose up all over Lisbon, with colorful trade ships from around the globe docking in Tagus river.

Suddenly, however, on 1st November 1755, Lisbon’s unshakable splendor vanished within a matter of minutes. Unprecedented in Europe’s recent history, one of the continent’s richest cities was almost completely destroyed by a powerful earthquake and the fires that engulfed the city after the first tremors had hit the capital city of Portugal’s proud Empire.

This unique Lisbon tour lets you sit back and experience those dramatic times first hand in dolby surround sound at the city’s only multimedia center devoted to this epic tragedy. Don’t miss this opportunity to see and feel old Lisbon like you never did before.

During this Lisbon tour we stop at the “Sun Gate” viewpoint that has a Stadtteil Alfama, Lissabon, Estremadura, Lisboa, Portugalmagnificent view over the old city of Lisbon, the Tagus River, and over some of the city’s famous churches and the Pantheon of the capital, watch over the Cathedral “SE”, St. Anthony’s Church, the House of Diamonds, the Arc of Triumph, the Statue of King José I and the towering Castle of St. George.

To pause our Lisbon earthquake adventure, we invite you to take a break at an authentic Lisbon old town bar where you can enjoy traditional snacks, Portuguese wine and Fado music. And after all, you will have an opportunity to relax on the banks of the Tagus River and take in the marvelous view of the 25th April Bridge – over 3 km long! – and the impressive statue of Christ the King across the Tagus river.

Going for holidays in Portugal, do not miss our Lisbon tour with this great chance to explore the facts and events related to one of the most destructive and deadly earthquakes in human history that claimed the lives of about 80,000 people and almost completely destroyed the Portuguese capital. Let us help to ensure that your trip to Portugal will be truly exciting and unforgettable! And of course, as with all our Travel Therapy tours, during this Lisbon tour you will experience the excitement and the creative energy that makes Lisbon a truly unique place worldwide!


  • Commerce Square Commerce-Square-Lisbon-Portugal1
  • Arc of Triumph
  • Statue of King José I
  • View of the Castle of St. George
  • Alfama – the oldest quarter of Lisbon
  • House of Diamonds
  • Cathedral “SE”
  • Church of St. Anthony
  • “Sun Gate” viewpoint overlooking the Tagus River, old quarter of Lisbon, famous churches and the Pantheon
  • Famous Portuguese Wine and local snacks.


Price: 50 € (including guide, entrance to the historic multimedia center, video about earthquake, local snacks and Portuguese wine tasting).

Duration: about 4 hours.