Power Places in Portugal – Energetic Retreat

Tomar, Lisbon

Power Places in Portugal – Energetic Retreat

Your Transformational Journey to the Heart of Templars Mystical Powers


Join us on our 7 DAYS ADVENTUROUS JOURNEY  that will empower, energise, heal and transform your life!

Unique 7 day journey through Power Places in Portugal – especially strong energetic sites. This retreat will help you to relax, find your inner balance, reconnect with your true self, uncover and unblock your psychosomatic blocks and rediscover a new meaning and focus of your life. It is 7 incredible days of exciting and healing experience combined with adventurous travel, personal growth and sightseeing in Portugal!

It as well includes unique Energetic Practices, Yoga, Meditations, Reiki, Massages and much more! :)

Allow yourself this wonderful restart, a completely new beginning!

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During this journey:

  • You will visit some of the Portugal’s most important sacred Power Places.
  • You will explore the hidden mystery and the origins of the secret power of Templars.
  • You will discover a new meaning of your life and release your “blocking” beliefs.
  • You will engage in daily meditation, energetic practices, yoga and power talks that will uncover inner ancient wisdom and release the balanced energetic healing flow in your body.
  • You will awaken your intuitive abilities an inner Guide, stimulate senses and connect to the “Source”.
  • You will explore deeper meaning of Sacred Geometry and other wisdom of great mystics.
  • You will reconnect with the nature,  enjoy the  ocean energy and engage in some natural therapeutic practices, such as thalassotherapy, for example.
  • You will learn about Portuguese culture, traditions, history, cuisine and local lifestyle.
  • You will visit important Portuguese attractions (world’s heritage sites protected by UNESCO) during this journey and learn many interesting historical facts about  them.
  • You will be guided by our experienced facilitators who will assist you on any matter throughout the journey.
  • You will simply spend great holidays in Portugal, enjoy its wonderful weather and nature, and meet wonderful fellow-travelers.
  • You will “recharge your batteries”, find your true self and transform your daily life into more meaningful and more powerful life-journey!

Price includes:

  • Meditation, yoga, energetic practices and power talk sessions
  • Guide / Driver
  • Meals (breakfast, lunch and dinner)
  • Accommodation
  • Transport
  • Entrance fees to Tomar Convent and Manor of Regaleira
  • Honey and wine tasting


This Power Places Energetic Retreat is usually organized for small groups of maximum 9 people (including guide). We organise it twice per year. However, if you have a big group we will be flexible to adjust this journey for the large groups as well. And if you have a group starting from 7 people – we will be able to organize this tour for you at any time you feel suitable.

Book Now to ensure your place on this Transformational Journey to the Power Places in Portugal. Explore the secrets of Templars Mystical Powers and apply their sacred knowledge to transform your life into more meaningful and more powerful life-journey!

The time is NOW! Use this great chance to reconnect with your true self and give your life a new meaning! We will happily share with you our knowledge and experience and guide you through this powerful transformation!

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