Tour to Arrabida – Sesimbra – Azeitão

Cape Espichel, Lisbon


TOUR TO ARRABIDA – SESIMBRA – AZEITÃO.  Mountainous Nature and Wine Tasting!

Wine Tasting / Mountainous Nature / Fresh Seafood and Fish / Traditional Tile Making / Footsteps of Dinosaurs / Arrabida Beach

Our tour to Arrabida Mountains and Sesimbra presents a great opportunity to admire Portuguese breathtaking natural landscapes and to taste the best Portuguese wine and fresh traditional food from the SeWine Tour and Food tastingtubal region.

We invite you to start our journey with the guided tour inside famous wine cellars of Azeitão. Here you will taste some popular Portuguese wine from one of the oldest local producers of the Setubal region, well-known for the best Moscatel wine in Portugal.

Then we will visit Handmade Tiles Factory which maintains the hand-made process of the traditional tile making (azulejo), with its origins in the 18th century. You will learn about various stages of the manufacturing process, starting from the glazing and finishing in the paint. You can as well enjoy making your own tile that you can later take with you.

Further, we will explore Arrabida Hills – one of the Portugal’s most fascinating natural parks situated on the Mountain chain between Sesimbra and Setúbal (Portugal’s third largest port after Lisbon and Porto). This natural park is protected since 1976, with approximately 10.800 acres and more than 1000 species of marine animals and plants. From the top height of 501 meters we will enjoy the breathtaking views of Tróia’s Peninsula, the Atlantic Ocean and some of the most beautiful beaches in Portugal. Tour to Arrabida

In fact, this region is very well known for its natural, unique and best beaches in Portugal. Portinho da Arrabida beach, for example, is well preserved and admired for its fine white sand, surrounding cliffs and calm crystal clear water. If you wish, we can make a break at the beach where you can enjoy some free time for swimming and diving.

Afterwards, you can choose to visit Sesimbra village or well-known Cape Espichel.


Sesimbra Castle, Private Tour to Arrabida - Sesimbra - AzeitaoSesimbra is a typical Portuguese fishing village, situated inside a sparkling blue bay. It is very popular amongst Lisbon´s locals for its fresh fish and diverse seafood. At the top of the hill, on the site of a Moorish fortress, stands the restored medieval castle built in the 13th century by Dom Sancho II. It represents an excellent example of medieval times in Portugal. Its five towers and walls protect the 12th century church of Santa Maria with its rural religious architecture. Over the centuries this small town remained popular amongst the Portuguese royals. Manuel I and Joao III spent time living here and Joao IV was responsible for various improvements during his rule, notably the diminutive 17th century fortress of Sao Teodosio built to protect the port from pirates. Sesimbra would be the best place for your lunch if you appreciate tasting diverse seafood and fresh fish while enjoying great view to the ocean.

Cape Espichel

Cape Espichel, on the other hand, stands out for its outstanding landscape beauty. SituateTour to Cape Espicheld in the extreme southwestern point of the Peninsula of Setúbal, it will impress you with its breathtakingly large cliffs which drop to the pounding Atlantic. Here you can as well visit the sanctuary dedicated to Nossa Senhora do Cabo. The church contains typical blue and white tiled representations of religious stories alongside many treasured paintings and a tribune designed for the visiting kings. A few meters further, situated precariously on the edge of the Cape, is the primitive little white chapel at the heart of the legend of Our Lady of the Cape. According to the legend, many centuries ago a brightly lit image of the Virgin would appear and save sailors from shipwreck in storms. Since then, the cape has become a place for the annual pilgrimage which continued to be very popular for many centuries up till the 20th century.

Cabo Espichel also attracts dinosaur enthusiasts. Here you can observe rocks containing footprints of dinosaurs of which there is much evidence in the area.

On return to Lisbon, right before crossing the 25th of April Bridge, we will stop at the Sanctuary of the Christ the King where you can admire views over Lisbon, Tejo river and the Atlantic ocean from the height of 82 meters.

Enjoy this unique opportunity to make your Lisbon stay even more fascinating!


  • Portuguese Wine and local food tasting
  • Guided tour in the old wine cellar of AzeitãoTour to Arrabida
  • Statue of the “Christ the King”
  • Learn and make your own Portuguese tile (azuleijo)
  • Fisherman´s village of Sesimbra – best seafood and fresh fish for lunch
  • Arrabida Mountains – natural park and astonishing view over the ocean
  • Cape Espichel – Sanctuary of Nossa Senhora do Cabo
  • Cape Espichel – footprints of dinosaurs
  • Bridge of the 25th of April

If you are going on a private tour, there is an option to add some extra outdoor activities to your trip – to learn new skills and experience completely new emotions:observe dolphines

  • Dolphin observation
  • Arrabida Scuba Diving
  • Arrabida Mountain Hiking
  • Atlantic Ocean Fishing
  • Sky-paragliding
  • Wind-surf

DURATION: approximately 8 hs