Tour to Sintra and Cape Roca

Lisbon, Sintra

Regaleira-Sintra-150x1501-150x1501-150x1501-150x1501Our tour to Sintra and Cape Roca offers you an excellent opportunity to visit one of the most romantic and mysterious places of Europe located on the so-called Holy Hills (the “Lunar Mountain” of Sintra). Both sites are under the protection of UNESCO as a World Heritage Site and are worshiped by mystics around the world.


  • National Palace of Sintra
  • Pena Palace
  • Moorish Castle
  • Rigaleira Manor
  • Cape Roca
  • Cascais – Guincho Beach
  • Cascais –  Mouth of Hell
  • Local snacks and wine tasting
  • Lisbon Riviera (Cascais, Estoril, Carcavelos, Parede)
  • Belem – quarter of navigators and geographic discoveries.


During this Sintra tour You will step through the hills and fabulous gardens of Regaleira Manor and see the famous Pena Palace, the Moorish Castle, and Portugal’s national treasure – the Palace of Sintra. Afterwards, bringing you to Europe’s most western point, we will visit Cape Roca where you will enjoy the beauty of Portugal’s Atlantic coast and cliffs against the background of lush, green hills and maritime highlights such as the famous Cape Roca light house. Here, if you wish, you will be granted Portugal’s official “attendance certificate” proving your visit to the westernmost point of continental Europe.

Moreover, you will enjoy a relaxing ride along the rolling oceanside of the Lisbon Riviera with spectacular views over the Atlantic ocean and Lisbon’s glamorous seaside districts such as Cascais, Estoril, Carcavelos and Parede. We will as well pass by historic Belem – Lisbon‘s ancient quarter of the geographic discoveries and old world-wide navigators and maritime explorers. Feel invited to taste some authentic local Portuguese wine and snacks to make your Portuguese sea and countryside experience complete.

Around the world, Sintra is often referred to as the historic Jewel of Portugal. And indeed, it is a really unique place, close to Lisbon and yet in a world of its own – famous for its rich historical and architectural heritage, for its splendid nature, mild climate, biological wealth and countless memorable attractions.

Discover for yourself why for centuries Sintra has been magically attracting travelers, writers, actors, artists, musicians, architects and religious leaders from around the world who leave an unforgettable mark on its cultural, architectural and historical heritage. It is here where English poet Lord Byron began his epic travel poem Childe Harold, calling Sintra a ‘glorious Eden’ – how true. In a letter to his mother in England, Byron summed up Sintra‘s romantic appeal writing: “Perhaps in every aspect the most delightful in Europe; it contains beauties of every description natural and artificial. Palaces and gardens rising in the midst of rocks, cataracts and precipices, convents on stupendous heights, a distant view of the sea and the Tagus.”

During this Sintra tour we suggest you visit this “Paradise on Earth” with us – Regaleira Manor – built by a madly-in-love philosopher and admirer of the opera – the Lord Monteiro. In your spare time we also advise you to visit the Moorish Castle stroll along its cumbersome walls and breathe in its air of romantic splendor. From the top of over 420 meters you will be presented with a magnificent panoramic view over the Sintra and the glittering Atlantic ocean.

Another place we would like to recommend you to visit is the fabulous Pena Palace towering on the hilltop of Sintra town. The palace was built over the ancient ruins of an abandoned monastery and served as the summer residence of the Portuguese Kings. The last representatives of the Royal dynasty (Coburg Bragansskoy) lived in Pena Palace up until 1910. Even the interior of the palace is preserved in the form in which it was left by Queen Amelia. Today, Pena Palace represents a famous national monument and a cultural icon of Portugal. The palace is proudly considered one of the Seven Wonders of Portugal!

After a typical Portuguese lunch, we invite you to visit a traditional wine shop where you can taste local Portuguese wines and snacks. Wine tasting and snacks are included in the price!

On the return from Sintra to Lisbon stop with us at Cape Roca to enjoy the spectacular views from 140 meters above the roaring, beautiful Atlantic ocean – “where the land ends and the ocean begins” (Luis Camoes). Relax as we take you on a pleasant bus ride along Lisbon ́s Riviera with great views of the ocean and famous district’s of maritime Lisbon.

Going on holidays to Portugal do not miss our tour to Sintra and Cape Roca. Explore these unique sights of Portugal in one unforgettable tour. And if you only have two days available while in Lisbon, don’t worry – we certainly advise you to devote one of them to this trip to see the true historical and natural magic of this fabulous and mysterious city right by the ocean. No wonder it is called the Pearl of Portugal! And of course, as with all our Travel Therapy Tours, during this Sintra tour you will enjoy a inspiring views, ancient stories and breathtaking sites that will excite you with their timeless grace and joy!


Price: 60 € (including the services of a guide, transportation, snacks and wine tasting).

Duration: approximately 10:00 am – 5:30 pm.


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